A Tapestry of Love



We are so in awe of the beautiful tapestry God is weaving! You may have heard us telling the story of Olivia. Olivia came home from school recently and told her mom she didn’t want anything for her birthday but to give clean water to children who did not have any. Olivia’s mommy contacted us and asked if we knew how she could go about making this birthday wish come true. We had our 2nd Borehole (Pump) Project on the horizon, but had not begun working on fundraising for it yet. This was the perfect catalyst to get it started!

Last night, we held an Instagram Auction. I got busy making things and People donated items to raise funds. You may also have heard our story about our 3 youngest sponsor children. When we met them, they were near death. The 2 oldest were 8 and the youngest was 6 years old… YET … had been living alone on the streets for 6 years! Yes, fending for food, water and shelter since they were only 2 and 3 months. Eating what the pigs left, digging through garbage, eating pineapple thorns and dirt. Kenyan children (most of whom are orphans) who may feel they’ve never had anything to give to help others, had made art pieces for some of our other projects …. We decided it would be a beautiful thing to make prints of these… therefore allowing these children to help their Ugandan neighbors! Some pieces made by these street boy’s we told you about, were sold! The bidders enjoyed a great auction (we even had a couple of bidding wars! The only kind of war we like!) Altogether God worked through many people, in many ways, big and small, rich and poor!… to help make a little girl’s selfless Birthday Wish and a village’s needy Dream…. come true! Because of you … We are $515.00 closer!! … Because of God we are all united! We are woven together in His beautiful tapestry of Love!

The total raised so far is $1,615.00 We still need another $5385.00 to reach our $7000.00 GOAL BY JUNE 29. (The Birthday Reveal is June 30). Olivia’s mommy and aunt are planning a BABY ITEM AUCTION in the very near future! Please spread the word and keep your eyes open! We will post all the details! We also hope you will consider giving to this very needy cause! You can donate on our DONATE Page! Or you can DONATE through Olivia’s Fundraising Site: http://www.gofundme.com/8ip2yc

Thanks again to everyone who has given to this Project!!

We couldn’t do it without you….


Brian + Carol




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