Cooking Coins.

We need your coins!!! 4 of our young family members in Kenya have a wonderful opportunity to attend an intensive Cooking Course. We need your coins to make this possible! This is a rare opportunity for children living in a Children’s Home in rural Africa. This course could provide them with a chance to land a job preparing meals in restaurants, hotels or private homes. For most of these young adults, aging out of these homes, they have little to no chance to gain skills necessary for jobs. Their futures are very dim. We do not want to keep these children oppressed, living with their hands out, but it is indeed Love One Another Project’s goal to give these young adults a hand up so that they are then able to sustain themselves and their own families.

Duncan dreams of having a farm where he can grow and dehydrate food to feed the hungry people in his community. He will also learn to cook and sell what he grows. Joseph wants to have a bakery/cafe and Emma and Lucy dream of having shops to sell their baked goods. They are all passionate and willing to work hard to provide for themselves but they need our help in getting started.

The first steps are to attend an intensive cooking course in Nairobi. The fees are $250.00 per student. 2 of these kids are already paid for! We now only need to raise another $500. for the other 2. We are praying for your donations that will be the catalyst for a young person’s bright future! Please donate on our “DONATE” Page!

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