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God put Africa on our hearts in January 2009 when we sponsored our first child, Anthony, from Kenya.

We then took our first trip to Nairobi, met Anthony, worked in the Mathare slums and at a boarding school in Joska. Since then, God has continued to show us His plan by allowing us to sponsor even more children, and work in several communities, villages and children’s homes in Uganda and Kenya.

In February 2014, we filed for a Non-Profit through the state of California and in just 6 short months, in August 2014, Love One Another Project became a 510c3. He has trusted us with this organization, to make a difference for His children, families and communities.

Hallelujah!!! Let’s get busy!

Love One Another Project 501c3 Non-Profit


To Love and Empower the at-risk and vulnerable people of Africa.


To share the gospel and be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ by loving, encouraging and providing resources.

Statement of Faith:

John 10:30 Matthew 28:19 Matthew 24:14 Matthew 22:37-39 Matthew 25:40 James 1:27


Brian and Carol Duarte



I never knew my biological dad. I was raised by an abusive step-dad and a mentally ill mother. All I ever wanted was a loving family of my own. God brought Carol and our children into my life, knowing how much we all needed one another.

I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Business Management and work as a General Manager in the Heavy Equipment Industry. I have a passion for sharing Jesus, my wife and children, business, playing the drums, and for caring for the least of these.

I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me with my continually growing family, covering me in His mercy and showering me with His great love. He has continued to encourage me, guide me and enlarge my territory and I pray to care for and steward faithfully, all the provisions and hearts that He has entrusted me with.


I am the daughter of the King, the daughter of an orphan dad, the wife to the real Prince Charming, the momma to 4 grown and beautiful children and a beautiful daughter in law!… As well as, the momma to many other children, teens, and young adults around the world.

I was raised in a loving home, married young and had a failed first marriage. I lived in government apartments and on food stamps, begged for electricity and stood in lines for food distributions. Brian and I have been married for 21 years now! He married me when I was a single mommy with 4 babies! He had never been married and never had children. He adopted my children into his heart completely and together we have adopted many more into our hearts together. We have experienced many joys and many trials in our family and marriage.  But, in God’s great irony, and because of His healing hand on us; He has trusted us to counsel many Pre-Marriage and Crisis Marriages and to disciple, shepherd and pastor many people.

I am passionate about God’s redemption, sharing all He has done for me with others, spending time with my husband and family, being an example for other marriages, writing, art, crafts and loving those in need!

God has taken our pasts, woven them together and used them for His glory! We praise Him for all of it and we pray everyday, that He will continue to use us as a tool of His love!




4 thoughts on “ABOUT us

  1. Dearest sweet Carol, My name is Cynthia, daughter to two loves of my life, “mom and dad”. To you Pete and Juanita. I have read your beautiful, glorious story. I know my parents played a short time in your life and your daughters, but the imprints have never been forgotten. I read today about how people play a part in our lives even if it was just a moment in time, that life would not be what it is or we would not be where we are if it weren’t for that person. It spoke to me so much. Even if it was a stranger who just gave a smile.We all together make the glue that holds this life together, a gift from God. My parents are so blessed to know that you still have not forgotten them. They received your beautiful christmas card. They are so happy for you and your family. I have seen pics and have read some of the blog of your beautiful daughter and I suppose the wedding pics are of your sons. BEAUTIFUL and BLESSED family. I know my mom and dad are thankful that you have been blessed with such a MAN that loves your children and you. We will always have your family in our hearts and continue to pray for your family. My parents are doing as well as can be expected at age 81 and 84. They have health issues but take good care of themselves and have 7 children, in-laws to 5, 18 grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren if my count is right that LOVE and take very good care of them. Know that you are always in their hearts and that they love you all very much. God bless

  2. Loved reading your beautiful God stories! Thanks for trusting us enough to share them! Blessings as you move forward with Hannah House.

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